Summer Time and Livin' is Easy

Yes. It is finally time to wrap up my summer. Even though I'm doing it right now at the end of September, when we hit record high temperatures earlier this week.
I've known these girls since freshman year, and I owe a bunch of memories to these three. Susanna invited me to a shin-dig at her family's new home. Being that I haven't seen any of them in a long time, and with all three of them heading up north to start their lives, I wasn't going to miss the chance to say hello. I bolted out of work and made it there while the sun was still up. They all definitely welcomed me with open arms. Everyone for that matter, was very welcoming, and it was nice meeting everyone.


gooOOO!! celtics!









We had the best smore's ever. And they were cooked on a stove top.


Big secret: sharon's a tank






See? Jk Sharon. Kinda.
So thanks for the invitation! Hope to see all of you sooner rather than later. Or maybe a norcal vacation is in store.


Vegas: Day 3

I Love the Locals!

Desiree has a cousin that lives in Vegas, and even though he was anxious to see her, he did more for us than we thought possible. Spent the whole day with him, and into the night. We hardly had to lift a finger because of his swag.
Started the day at the Aria buffet. The food was good. They had king crab legs for...not sure what time we were there. But the scenery was 10x better than the food. Giant windows overlooking the pool area, the entire buffet floor was lit.

One of my plates.
Not one of my plates.
The only thing I'm going to say is that the sorbet is not mine.

After we somehow got into the pool area.
And these guys were mad jocking the LV shades, Gucci shoes, True Religion jeans, and Invicta watch that they let us into Liquid for free and geared up in normal clothes. (...all i had was my chubby boob fox tail and prada glasses...) It was chill though. I wouldn't pay to get in, so it's a good thing we didn't.



After we headed to the fashion show mall. I have never seen anyone get treated so well at a mall. Every department store we went into, they knew Desiree's cousin, Jem, by name! Hugs and everything. Desiree and I could hardly keep up with him.

We got dropped off to get ready to go out. It was decided that we would go to surrender. We had high hopes after Tryst, but the dj was kinda wack. But again, getting in free and no line was fantastic. No pictures of that though, but just before getting ready, Desiree and I hit up Pinks hot dogs. Not disappointed, but definitely not pre-club food.


So thanks you for being such a great host. Treating us well, and getting us in everywhere! Desiree and I owe you big time, though if you ever come to corona, we can't promise you it will be exciting. We do have albertos though.


Vegas: Day 2

From the beginning to the end
..or from the middle to one end and then the other.

Woke up from day/night 1 feeling ready to take on the day. We had a few things planned. One thing we were revisiting, another we missed out on the last time and a last thing Desiree hasn't done in a while.
View from the pool. Didn't take too many pictures there because it was way too hot, and the water was nice. It also started to rain..?

As a recap from the last time we went to Vegas, on the last day Desiree and I stopped by this Cantina in the Shoppes at The Palazzo. We were excited to smash on some mushroom tacos. Plus one Al Pastor for me. (Did I mention my diet went out the window this week?) Great food, right by the canal. Only problem was walking from Paris to and through the Venetian.

They were bomb.

And from last time, due to time and finances- i.e. I was broke by the end of the trip, Desiree and I couldn't hitch a ride on a Gondola. Couldn't say no this time though. Met a couple from Columbus OH. Weird seeing people from other states and find out that it's their first time in Vegas. Socal is just spoiled. (Some more than others) Smooth sailing and a fancy singer made the ride worthwhile.
Seats were comfortable enough. But we still had to walk all the way back. I don't care if people say Vegas is small, walking in that weather sucks. By the time we got back to the hotel, so I can change shoes, it was already late afternoon. Only two things were planned for the rest of the day. Fat Tuesday and M&M's.
...and as luck would have it, we weren't alone in Vegas! Colleen and Peter were in town the same time as us and we all got to meet and hit the streets. So from one end of the strip to the other just for some tacos and candy.-but we didn't buy candy. Thanks to Colleen and Peter for finding the time to meet up with us! and for showing us the crepe place that's at our hotel.
Desiree and I wanted to hit up a club that night, but we're not gonna lie, we were exhausted. Plus, we knew we had to rest because a Vegas resident was taking us out for the day. Word to the wise, there's no stopping this guy.


Vegas: Day 1

I'm a Tourist
(no shame)

I walk around with my camera around my neck. I take pictures of random things. I'll stand in a corner and just watch. It didn't take long for Desiree and I to hit the streets of Vegas, even after the long car ride. We walked, and walked, and walked again. Went through the Bellagio for the first time and saw a super garden. Hit up the miracle mile and saw the most expensive lollipops I will never buy at sugar factory. Pretty much tried to take in all the city has to offer during the day even in 100+ degree heat. Luckily I had my Chubby Boob tank.






Dinner was already planned out. Since we weren't able to go to our favorite pizza place in SD, we weren't going to miss out on visiting it at their Vegas location. A short drive off the strip, but absolutely worth it.

Lobster spinach and artichoke dip with flat bread. I want it twice.
And if you know me, you know that even before I was eating healthy I always like vegetarian stuff, and this is the best veggie pizza I've ever eaten. (not saying the pizza was healthy though)
Lastly, Desiree hasn't been to Fremont St in a long time, and I never remember having been there, so needless to say, we stopped by before retiring to the hotel.


Some super stinky guys started crumping at one point, and I was finna go hoard if a jerk battle commenced. I say we made good use of our time on the first day.

Spoiler alert: tacos and M&Ms are coming