Vegas: Day 1

I'm a Tourist
(no shame)

I walk around with my camera around my neck. I take pictures of random things. I'll stand in a corner and just watch. It didn't take long for Desiree and I to hit the streets of Vegas, even after the long car ride. We walked, and walked, and walked again. Went through the Bellagio for the first time and saw a super garden. Hit up the miracle mile and saw the most expensive lollipops I will never buy at sugar factory. Pretty much tried to take in all the city has to offer during the day even in 100+ degree heat. Luckily I had my Chubby Boob tank.






Dinner was already planned out. Since we weren't able to go to our favorite pizza place in SD, we weren't going to miss out on visiting it at their Vegas location. A short drive off the strip, but absolutely worth it.

Lobster spinach and artichoke dip with flat bread. I want it twice.
And if you know me, you know that even before I was eating healthy I always like vegetarian stuff, and this is the best veggie pizza I've ever eaten. (not saying the pizza was healthy though)
Lastly, Desiree hasn't been to Fremont St in a long time, and I never remember having been there, so needless to say, we stopped by before retiring to the hotel.


Some super stinky guys started crumping at one point, and I was finna go hoard if a jerk battle commenced. I say we made good use of our time on the first day.

Spoiler alert: tacos and M&Ms are coming


We're Jetsetting

Las Vegas. We didn't take a jet. We took a car. But we did stay at Paris. Desiree and I left at 11ish, excited as ever to be on vacation. It didn't matter where we were going, we were just happy to be out. Not many stops along the way, except to go potty at state line. I loved cruise control and air conditioning. Hands down the best part about the ride.

Got to the hotel check in and got upgraded to a bigger room for free! It actually cost me a 20 dollar tip. but well worth it. 29th floor corner room. Great way to start.

Awesome TV with crap channels. But i guess you don't go to Vegas to watch TV.
I will say though, the room does not compare at all to the Palazzo.
Now I need to try and remember what we did...(Didn't forget because I was drunk all weekend though, forgot because I'm slow at updating)


Ess Dee- Re-Dux

Finally Back
For those of you that know me, know that Thrice is my favorite people to listen to. They left me with two choices, go to a hometown show for them in Pomona, or go to the house of blues in sunny San Diego. Easy choice. I haven't been to SD since Desiree finished at UCSD, so it was hard to tell if i was excited about just being there or seeing Thrice also. -It just so happened to be the same day i booked our Vegas trip!

Didn't take a lot of pictures, but was able to visit the favorite spots, along with her school.


Was also able to hit up the favorite Mexican spot, El Indio. Just as we remembered. Greatest ever. If only they were open 24hrs. After I wanted to stop by the 5&aDime shop. Didn't realize I would be spending more than I planned. But I can't help it if the clothes were nice.


Yes. Still fantastic.
After the food and 5&aDime, Desiree and I ventured through downtown. Decided to keep my camera in the car to focus more on the city as a whole rather than trying to capture bits and pieces. Relaxing, and stress free.

As for the concert, the best opening bands I've seen with Thrice. I will admit that Thrice has a habit of taking "different" sounds on tour with them, but this time those sounds were good. Could not compare to Thrice though. Some shows I've been to, they have been a little slow, but thankfully they thrashed through the whole set. They played songs from all their albums except for Identity Crisis. That's going back nearly 10 years into their catalogue. So thank you for a great show.

Mug shots from the Loft @UCSD

The real reason this is an SD re-dux. I had to retake this shot from December.


Next up? VEGAS


Beach round 2

 Stater Bros. Day Off
(disclaimer, most/all pictures were crap...so my bad.)

Since everyone at 170 is getting their hours cut, they decided to give all the cool people the same day off! Day was picked. Beach was chosen. Things were gathered. We were set. Weather sucked. Cold. Really, really cold. But that wasn't going to stop us.

Spent the morning with Ryan, Joseph and Mike, getting "ready" for the beach. i.e., getting swollen. Went home, got ready, and showed up late to SB170, where we were going to meet up. Little did I know, Terica packed an entire pantry. So we headed out.

As for the cool people that were able to go, it was:
Me (of course)
Terica..and Terica's friend. (sorry)
Larissa..and gang
Michelle (Chavez)

Played uno, cooked hot dogs, ate smore's, and I watched the guys play football. I used being the photographer as an excuse not to play. But no pictures to prove it. Good fun day. Hopefully again before summer is up.
But here are two pictures I was able to salvage

713      670
Cool guy Mario, and There's no foot prints coming back from the water...


Birds at the Beach

Essentially, this past summer was Desiree's last one of freedom, since she starts optometry school in just a couple of days! So I figured, I'd try to make this one count for something. Spent the day (back in June) at the beach, Huntington on Main to be exact. Didn't take too many pictures because I wanted to spend more time in the water rather than behind a camera. Gorgeous day though. Tide was perfect, and not too crowded. Never realized Tuesday was farmers' market day at the shops, so definitely had a good time people watching and window shopping.

So, as everyone knows, there is a Ruby's Diner on the end of all the main piers. What Desiree and I didn't know though, was how long that pier is. The walk made us hungry though, so there's looking on the bright side. Good food, perfect setting.



I'm the honey mustard, and She's the ranch


Sauce is what's most important

Graduation Day!

(Now, before I continue, I do have to apologize for being obnoxiously late and neglectful of updating the three of you on what I have been up to. So here is to catching up.)

So back in mid-June, I was willing and actually able to celebrate Ylissa's graduation. I haven't known her, or her family, very long, but I do know how successful they are. She just graduated a Masters program at Loma Linda University.

Very well deserved celebration, and a big congratulations!
Yup. It's a Filipino party.







Unfortunately, a lot of the pictures were not great, and I will be quick to blame food coma. Nonetheless, congratulations, best of luck, and hope to see all of you soon