Recommended Stress Leave

  School. Work. Gym. Sleep.
not in that particular order but that brings you up to speed on my life.

Thanks to Ceasar Chavez, Desiree had a day off from her 6 days a week school schedule, so I didn't hesitate to ask for a day off from work (definitely needed it). I had a lot planned for that day but the weather was going to give us a hard time.
So we grabbed the keys and headed out (we got to take the prius though!..yay for not standing out among the rich folk of LA. plus saved a bunch of gas)

Had to drop by walnut for a school project but apparently it gave Desiree enough time to take a nap.

First stop:



The Grove was pretty legit. We got there and the sun made its way through the clouds. Felt like a completely different place then the surrounding neighborhood. Biggest thing I noticed about the Grove is that there are a lot of people with money, and those people with money have little kids. Those little kids toss around their American Girl dolls like it's a Barbie. On another note, the people of LA were digging the Chubby-Boob fox tail.
and from the Grove...

091 119


Going from the Grove to the Farmer's Market had the same feeling of going to the Grove from down  the street. It felt like a completely different scene. Nice walking around though. Looking at all the food, deciding what food I was going to splurge on. Yes. I splurged. kinda. (the soup was all Desiree's, she smashed on all of it) But I'll leave my food guilt all to myself.

Didn't take the camera out much after that, but we also made it to the Beverley Center, which the highlight was YOGURTLAND across the street. From the Beverley Center Desiree and I drove to Rodeo Dr. Hoping to surprise her with sprinkles cupcakes, only to be turned off by the line out the door. I really want to visit Rodeo Dr. soon though, even if I could barely afford parking there, I'll go back, and I'll take pictures.

Final Stop:

Always a favorite spot of ours. The only problem we had was getting back to work/school the next day.
is it summer yet?