So Here's to the Old Man

Mike V turned 22
Ryan came up with having a shindig for Mike V. (and the reason i keep typing Mke with his last initial V, is because that is who he is) Ryan fired up the barbeque, someone brought a case of grenades, and I brought the cake! and it was a nice cake. Kick back, tv on, and a poker game. All in all, nice night to be out.




Here's the cake!!
Jasmine wrote his name wrong. ::shrug::

Happy Birthday Mike V.

To one of the first people I met at work. Definitely the first person I talked to there. Always had my back and always there to listen. Should I mention a ladies man? But seriously, you have a good head on your shoulders, keep it up. Thanks for everything buddy.


Have Your Cake

..and more dessert too!


Started Desiree's birthday with watching "Dear John." yeah. I watched "Dear John." Not the greatest in my opinion. Especially after watching "Atonement." (I completely fell in love with that movie. Not ashamed to say it...)After the movie Desiree bet that we couldn't get a gourmet cupcake in Corona. Little did she know that Sugar Tart stopped by my work and apparently dropped off an empty box, because I didn't see cupcakes, only business cards. Try it for yourself, but Desiree wasn't a fan of their red velvet. They seem to have interesting flavors though. (still not sprinkles, and I don't even like cupcakes)

Next up..Dinner. wait, dessert before dinner? That's how she rolls


This little gem was found courtesy of my brother and sister in-law. They advertise "street fare" food, but it's pretty much just a menu of good appetizers. I absolutely recommend their calamari. Maybe two of those.

Not your average fried calamari. But better than your average calamari
I ordered grilled vegetables.. they were really good though.

and the rest of Desiree's food. (I nibbled on some though)


Tastes better than it looks. Cheese raviolli with lobster and mushrooms.
I wouldn't let her leave without desser on her birthday dinner. It's free.
Creme Brulee, because I'm that fancy. (it's more like a fancy flan)
But she loved it.

yeah. she (singular) loved it. Oh how i envy her metabolism.

She didn't finish the fries though. Most of everything else? All her. So proud.
Thanks for a great night Desiree.

and Happy Valentine's Day


Happy Birthday Desiree

Taking a break from letting you know what I did, to let you know that today is 
Desiree's birthday.


To the hardest working, most deserving and beautiful young woman, Happy Birthday. You're absolutely wonderful to me. I still have so much  to learn from you. Give me your good habits, and give me your work ethic. It's so easy to see why you have been so successful, and it makes me so proud to know that all your hard work will pay off for you someday. The best thing I can do for you is be by your side, supporting you as you transition from the young college graduate to a mature graduate student. I will do my best to be there. I will do my best to make you proud. 


Thank you Desiree, and I hope to give you a wonderful, and memorable Birthday

The Geeks Come Out at Night

I don't want to gamble I just want to Dance


Yup. Only one in the club rockin' a Chubby-Boob exclusive double fox-tail, cardigan and bow tie. But not willing to risk the life of my camera, I left it in the room while we went to the club. Thanks to everyone else for the pictures. It's your turn to shine.


031 - Copy

A little pre-party party outfits from the night before. Since we're always dressed to impress, I have to let everyone know what we look like. But I can't tell you what we did.

017 - Copy

018 - Copy

019 - Copy

014 - Copy

011 - Copy
...and now for the Grand Finale Night at Tryst
Thanks to Desiree's cousin for the hook up on getting in the club

048 - Copy

088 - Copy

051 - Copy

061 - Copy

053 - Copy

081 - Copy

039 - Copy

045 - Copy

074 - Copy

067 - Copy
Mike Hammer are you there?
054 - Copy

090 - Copy

058 - Copy

064 - Copy

049 - Copy

046 - Copy
Mike where are you? (yeah i partied with Mike Hammer, somewhere)
101 - Copy

096 - Copy

043 - Copy
Believe it or not haters but that was my first time clubbing. Yeah i was digging it.

Vegas was great. First time since turning 21, and I'm about to turn 22. Being home you can't help but realize that lights are dimmer, shops are quiter, energy is down. I can't live there, but it was definitely a great vacation. A vacation you need to take another one just to recover, but a great vacation. Thank you to everyone. You truly made me feel welcome the entire weekend.